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YACWAG has a number of special interest groups who organise activities.

Currently we have volunteers working in the following areas:

Amphibians and Reptiles, Bats, Birds, Insects, Dormice and Small Mammals, Hedgehogs, Otters, Trees, and Flowers and Plants. See the Wildlife section for more.

YACWAG own and manage several nature reserves in the parishes of Yatton and Congresbury.

Our organisation

YACWAG is a registered charity (no. 1076362). The organisation is entirely voluntary with no paid staff. Current members of the committee are listed in the latest Annual Report.

YACWAG’S constitution was adopted with revisions on 28th June 1999 and was registered as a charity on 2nd July 1999. The charity is administered by an Executive Committee made up of 12 trustees, of whom three are nominated - one by the Cheddar Valley Railway Walk Society (now Strawberry Line Society), Congresbury Parish Council and Yatton Parish Council.