The YACWAG batmap project aims to find out where our local bats roost, feed and fly. Members are encouraged to help with bat recording, surveying and the interpretation of results. Training and equipment is provided. 

The project received a Community Wildlife grant from Big Lottery Awards for All enabling the purchase of radio tracking equipment, Anabat recorders as well as maternity and hibernation roost bat boxes.


flickr photos of bats.

Visit the Bat Conservation Trust for lots of information about bats

Follow this link for what you can see and hear on the Strawberry Line in the early Spring

Bat walk on the Strawberry Line 19 April 2013

The first bat walk of the season was enjoyed by about 20 people – we were pleased to welcome some newcomers and a few children.  It was slow to start but then we heard plenty of activity from common and soprano pipistrelles.  This first walk traditionally takes place on the Yatton section of the Strawberry Line and people were lucky enough to see a barn owl near the Line.

Good News from the National Bat Conference 16.9.2012

YACWAG member, Daniel Hargreaves,  has today won The Pete Guest Award for his outstanding practical contribution to bat  conservation.  We are really delighted that he has received this well-deserved recognition.  Thanks to everyone who voted for him.


Found a bat?

For information on what to do if you find a bat, click here.

Nathusius Pipistrelle Tracking Report 2011 by Daniel Hargreaves

In 2010 we discovered a male pipistrellus nathusii using a bat box on the South shore of Blagdon Lake. Following this we carried out the Nathusius pipistrelle monitoring survey organised by the Bat Conservation Trust. We found a high amount of activity around Blagdon Lake and decided in 2011 we would conduct an intensive radio tracking project to learn more about the species.

Read Daniel’s full report here