Bird news: July 2021

Following on from the notes in the July 2021 newsletter there was an exceptional record of a White Stork flying over Yatton on the 18th, possibly one of the birds from the Knepp Estate rewilding project. More expected was a flock of 25 Mistle Thrushes at the Littlewood Reserve with a few Linnets nearby. Mistle Thrushes have become scarce birds locally but they form post breeding flocks and Kenn Moor is a traditional site for them. A Whinchat was an early migrant on Congresbury Moor where four Kestrels fledged from one of our Owl boxes (they do like Owl boxes much more than custom designed Kestrel boxes) were very visible.

By early August the Swift’s seem to have left and flocks of Goldfinches were gathering in pasture with plenty of thistles. Moorhens were still producing young, their third or fourth broods.