Our Library is a place to find YACWAG videos, images, audio, books and documents.

Online talks

We have a selection of talks given by local experts about the interaction between people and wildlife here in North Somerset as part of YACWAG’s educational programme.


Livestock on Cobthorn Reserve

Footage of livestock, including Dexter cattle, from March 2022 at YACWAG's Cobthorn Reserve, Congresbury, North Somerset.

Roe Deer with young on Littlewood Reserve

Footage from July 2020 at YACWAG's Littlewood Reserve, Kenn Moor, North Somerset.

Green Woodpecker spies trail camera Yatton, North Somerset

Footage from the trail camera during May 2023 at YACWAG's Footmead Reserve, close to the Strawberry Line, Yatton, North Somerset. 

Rare sighting: male Hen Harrier bird of prey at Yatton, North Somerset

Filmed by Emily Lomas in October 2021 at the Little River, Yatton, North Somerset. YACWAG's bird expert Trevor Riddle says he has never seen a male Hen Harrier locally and pretty sure none has been reported in the last 40 years.


Barn Owl hunting on Congresbury Moor, North Somerset

Filmed by Neil Aldridge in June 2020. You can see more of Neil’s work at

Window Wanderland


Window Wanderland 2023: Brilliant British Birds

Another year of wonderful displays made by households, businesses and local groups in Yatton, Congresbury and Claverham for the 'Brilliant British Birds' Window Wanderland event held 3rd - 5th February 2023.


Wildlife Window Wanderland 2022

These wonderful displays were made by households, businesses and local groups in Yatton, Congresbury and Claverham for the 'Love Your Local Wildlife' Window Wanderland event held in February 2022.

YACWAG Reserves

Cobthorn Reserve: Trees for Climate

"Trees for Climate" was a YACWAG event held on Saturday 13th January 2024 at the Cobthorn Reserve, Congresbury. Volunteers planted 42 trees over the course of the day. Sam Roberts documented this event and made this short film. 


Below are several drone/aerial videos documenting YACWAG's various reserves set to music. For the full experience be sure to select the full screen option from the bottom right of the player window. All videos are copyrighted Peter Speight © 2021. You can find more of Peter's YACWAG aerial photography on our website here.