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Harry's Plot


A small parcel of land bequeathed to YACWAG by the late Harry Hailes.

Harry's Plot

Panorama by Peter Speight © 2021

In January 2017 YACWAG became the owners of a small parcel of land off Claverham Close which was a Local Wildlife Site.

In 2005 the field was bought by the nearby residents as they wanted to retain the green space near their houses. North Somerset Council’s ecologist was impressed with the special limestone-loving flowers on the field and declared it a Local Wildlife Site. Also the boundary hedges of the field are ancient and exceptionally rich in wildlife. The field was divided into seven parts denoting the divided ownership, although most of the boundaries are not formally marked. One of the plots in the centre was bought by Harry Hailes, an elderly man with no close relatives. When he died Harry bequeathed some money and his part of the field to YACWAG so it could be preserved in perpetuity. It contains a beautiful English oak.

Tony Moulin with Harry’s oak in 2005.
Harry’s oak in May 2020 by Bob Lowman.


"Harry's Plot"

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