Bird News: July 2023

The month started with reports of lots of House Sparrows and House Martins on the Chestnut Park Estate and good numbers of Swallows with young at the stables in Wemberham Lane. Chiffchaff and Blackcap were singing there intermittently with  a Song Thrush in full voice late evening. A Mistle Thrush was chasing a Corvid in Kingston Seymour Churchyard on the 2nd and a Great Spotted Woodpecker was visiting a Congresbury garden with two juveniles.

There were 50 House Martins along the Little River ( 3rd) additional to others at Chestnut Park Estate. A Kestrel was attempting to hover hunt in the strong wind. The Jackdaw roost flock was building up as the month progressed with about 200 birds in Wemberham Lane on the evening of the 7th and 350 later in the month. At the same time a Little Owl was reported calling in Kenn and an ‘honorary’ bird in the form of an Elephant Hawk Moth visited a garden in Kenn. Another Little Owl was recorded by the Strawberry Line at Congresbury.

On the 9th 100 House Martins were on wires at Claverham, perhaps congregating due to the thundery weather. There don’t seem to have been so many Red Kite sightings this year but one was over Kenn Moor Road on the 10th. The next day four Reed Warblers were singing by Wemberham Lane, a surprising number for mid July. Mark Savage saw and photographed an Whinchat on Congresbury Moor on the 18th. The following day another Kite was over the Co op in Yatton.

Whinchat on Congresbury Moor Yatton 18 July 2023 by Mark Savage

A pair of Siskins were in a Congresbury garden on the 17th with the male appearing subsequently and there were 15 Swifts over St Andrews churchyard on the 20th. Also in Congresbury, as I was cycling near the old station Swallows uttering alarm calls caused me to look up and a Hobby passed over.

Peregrine Falcon on St Marys church, Yatton. Photo by Higgy
Peregrine Falcon on St Marys church, Yatton. Photo by Higgy

A pair of Mute Swans with six well grown cygnets turned up by New Croft on Congresbury Moor (24th), there was a juvenile Stonechat nearby and a juvenile Green Woodpecker turned up in Mark’s garden. The 26th dawned sunny and Higgy got splendid pictures of a Peregrine on one of the pinnacles at St Mary’s Church, Yatton. Later a bright Willow Warbler was on the Strawberry Line and a Kingfisher flew across fields on Congresbury Moor.

Juvenile Green Woodpecker (23 July 2023) by Mark Savage

Seven Swifts were feeding on fields just west of the Strawberry Line near Gang Wall along with a few Swallows and House Martins for comparison (27th).

Bird sightings are always welcomed to please.

Trevor Riddle