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The following talks were given by local experts about the interaction between people and wildlife here in North Somerset as part of YACWAG’s educational programme.

Online talks

Eleanor Higginson: What does Nature Friendly Farming look like?
Date: 9th February 2023

An online talk given to YACWAG by Eleanor Higginson a Land Management Consultant. Topics covered include: What's going on in farming right now? (including UK Government schemes and Regenerative Farming), Essential Natural Processes (nutrient cycle, water cycles, species interactions), 5 Principles of Soil Health, Hedges, Meadows, Pastures. and Farming for Climate Action. The talk lasts around 53 mins, and is followed by approximately 25 minutes of questions and answers.

John Bailey: Fungi in Littlewood
Date: 12th October 2022

An illustrated hour long talk followed by questions and answers about Fungi in YACWAG's Littlewood reserve given by John and Doreen Bailey of The North Somerset and Bristol Fungus Group (NS&BFG).

Richard Croucher: A window into YACWAG and its Reserves
Date: 5th May 2021

YACWAG Vice Chairperson Richard Croucher presented this talk at the YACWAG Annual General Meeting. Richard takes us on a tour of 5 YACWAG Reserves focusing on some highlights of the last 2 years and then talks a little about YACWAG and what makes it work.

Sarah Dale: Planning for Biodiversity
Date: 25th March 2021

Join local Ecologist Sarah Dale to learn about the role of the planning system in delivering good outcomes for biodiversity. Concerns relating to biodiversity are often raised in relation to local planning applications and allocations. Sarah will explain how Local Authorities consider nature conservation and will include a discussion of the influence of local knowledge and public engagement. It is a rapidly evolving area with the recent Ecological Emergency declarations locally and forthcoming national policy and Environment Bill. Sarah has worked for various Local Planning Authorities as an Ecology Officer since 2011, responding to over 800 applications, and will use several examples which are of relevance in the local context.
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Chris Sperring MBE: Wildlife vs Weather
Date: 4th March 2021

Chris Sperring MBE gives a presentation to YACWAG on the impact of Climate Change on Wildlife is the subject of David Attenborough documentaries and much handwringing by celebrities and broadcasters alike. We know that weather patterns world-wide are becoming more and more extreme. But what is the impact here in North Somerset? Expert wildlife conservationist Chris Sperring MBE works for the Hawk and Owl Trust. Chris also presents and broadcasts on TV and Radio and lectures on a wide range of subjects. He is a wildlife photographer and writes articles for magazines and newspapers.

Nikki Jones: Can planting trees really stop Climate Change?
Date: 11th February 2021

Nikki Jones talks about the work of Avon Needs Trees and the principle of tree planting to mitigate the effects of Climate Change. Avon Needs Trees is a registered charity (No. 1184386) based in Bristol that is buying land in the Bristol-Avon Catchment Area for reforesting.
Planting trees will sequester carbon from the air, enhance biodiversity and provide natural flood management, as well as water and air quality improvement, and more public amenity space.
Almost all of Avon’s woodland has disappeared over the last few centuries. This is disastrous for many reasons but perhaps most pressingly because trees are essential for tackling climate change. Trees take carbon dioxide out of the atmosphere and protect the valuable soil beneath. By growing thousands of new trees we can take a significant step in the battle against a climate disaster.

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