New owl box for YACWAG

The dilapidated and life expired box in Norton’s has been replaced with a new recycled plastic ‘ECO’ box which should have a much longer life than our traditional wooden boxes. Nailsea Environment and Wildlife Trust have a similar box which held a pair of Barn Owls with three Owlets this summer so we know that they work.

Nortons new ECO plastic owl box

Andrew Hunt arrived with his tractor and carefully lifted the pole with the box to the ground. He removed the old. box while I recovered some old pellets and detritus to place in the new box to take away the newness. Andrew fitted the new box and carried pole and box to the other side of the field and dug a new hole with his tractor powered augur. Much easier and quicker than our volunteers efforts with the hand powered augur in the past! Between us (mostly Andrew) we heaved the pole upright into the new hole and Andrew tamped it in so that it is very solid. We decided to re site the box to move it away from the barbed wire fence and nearer to the tree line on the north side of the field. 

Thanks to Andrew for carrying out this unusual task so efficiently. Sales of my book, Brilliant Birds of Yatton and Congresbury have covered the cost of the new box.