Wildlife Window Wanderland

All the W’s! And people added their own – wildlife winter wanderland, wildlife window wonderland, or any combination of the five or so available. Whatever you call it, 60 households, groups and businesses in Congresbury, Yatton and Claverham thoroughly enjoyed themselves making wonderful wildlife displays for their street-facing windows. We couldn’t count the people out and about enjoying a walking and watching experience, but it seems there were lots! Tony and I found it good entertainment and good for our health, both physical and mental. We slept well after an evening walk of over 12 kilometres!

We had good feedback which suggests that even more households would like to take part next year. Hopefully if you didn’t get round to it this year, you will enjoy seeing the photos of local displays and be inspired to make time for it next year. It is really suitable for all ages, can be done in the comfort of your own home, and next year we will run some workshops to help you find your wild creativity.

There is a serious side of course. We found that, although we know YACWAG is the centre of the universe, there were people who had not even heard of the charity and its work locally. There were people of all ages who were not really sure what local wildlife they could create in tissue paper – a nod there to the sharks and giraffes. More than ever we feel we need to spread the word about YACWAG so that more people can benefit. Academic researchers have strong evidence that nature is good for people. We are not surprised and we want to share that well-being all over our communities. Wildlife Window Wanderland is an excellent, fun, Covid-safe community activity. We will be building on our experience this year to make it bigger and better next year. Please join us then for a magical wildlife experience. Hope to see you there!

Faith Moulin