Get ready for the 2023 Wildlife Window Wanderland!

After the success of the last year’s Window Wanderland we are pleased to announce it’s return. Last year in February 2022, 60 households, groups and businesses in Congresbury, Yatton and Claverham partook in creating wonderful wildlife displays for their street-facing windows for the ‘Love Your Local Wildlife’ Window Wanderland event.

Now the Christmas decorations are down our local streets are ready for a burst of colour and creativity and everyone is invited to make a window display however big or small that celebrates our Brilliant British Birds. You can use the windows of your flat, house, business, school, nursery, car, camper van, shop that people can see as they walk past. However, your creativity isn’t confine to just windows, you can also use your front door, the front of your house, your front garden…

Finally, here’s a video from last year’s event which is a joy to watch and might give you ideas on what you can achieve if you wish to partake, or the kind of things you might see if you go out for a walk round the villages. You can also view our Blog post covering last year’s event.

The event is part of a nationwide Window Wonderland festival.